Monday, January 7, 2008

IMVURA (rain)!!


On Saturday we hiked Bisoke volcano, which has an elevation of 3600 meters at the top and was about 2500 meters elevation where we started. It was hot and sunny on the way up, but quite cool near the top due to the elevation. We didn't see any large animals, but saw lots of gorilla poo, and buffalo footprints. We had lunch at the top overlooking the Congo side of the volcano and the crater lake in the middle. What a view, it was even worth getting the huge blisters on my toes!

It finally rained overnight on Saturday and we collected our first rainwater samples!! Our "gizmos" seem to be working and we were able to collect 12 rain samples. We then spent all day yesterday doing labwork...until 2am! It is very exciting to see the apparatus actually working, now we are waiting for all those samples to come out of the incubator.

We have heard that the news from Kenya is bad. As a result of the problems in Kenya, Rwanda is anticipating a fuel shortage since the fuel is typically transported through Kenya. We are confident that everything will be fine, but we are trying to stay up on the news.

Back to labwork now! Sorry I am not posting more pictures, but they take a long time to upload.

Hope the news is good at home, we heard that Huckabee and Obama won the Iowa primaries!

Kelly and Bernie

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