Tuesday, December 18, 2007


With an awesome 32 total hours of flying time (not including pre-transit to get ourselves back to Boston) we will be headed from Boston to Amsterdam to Nairobi to Kigali (and back!). Our complete itinerary is below, for anyone that wants to follow the traveling craziness halfway around the world.
*the 'à' symbol was supposed to be an arrow, but the formatting didn't carry over.


Rwanda 2008


Dec 19, 2007
Amtrak Train 175 Regional
Boston à Metropark
3:20pm à 8:08pm

Dec 21, 2007
American Airlines Flt 1704
Chicago à Newark
9:15pm à 12:15pm

--Spend Christmas at home--

Dec 27, 2007
Amtrak Train 174 Regional
Metropark à Boston
12:08pm à 5:03pm


Dec 28, 2007
Northwest Airlines Flt 38
Boston à Amsterdam
7:15pm à 8:10am

--layover 2hr 10min--

Dec 29, 2007
Northwest Airlines Flt 8565
Amsterdam à Nairobi
10:20am à 8:10pm

--sleep in Nairobi airport 12hr50min--

Dec 30, 2007
Kenya Air Flt 1108
Nairobi à Kigali
9:00am à 9:15am

Dec 30 or 31, 2007
Kigali à Musanze

Jan 18, 2007
Kenya Air Flt 474
Kigali à Nairobi
1:50pm à 4:15pm

--layover 6hr55min--

Jan 18, 2008
KLM Flt 566
Nairobi à Amsterdam
11:10pm à 5:30am

--layover 2hr55min--

Jan 19, 2008
KLM Flt 6059
Amsterdam à Boston
8:25am à 10:25am

Jan 20, 2008
American Airlines Flt 2003
Boston à Chicago
9:10am à 11:00am

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